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The VS-11 family of SUN-compatible chassis offers the choice of stnadard rack mounting, tower mounting or table top mounting. The family has two basic configurations to meet your needs: The VSS-11/Model 30 is a fully-integrated chassis providing both card cage and mass storage. The VCS-11/Model 20 is a smaller, card cage only chassis. (Mass storage only chassis with the same styling as the VS-11 chassis are available in the Zoltech VV-11 series, the Model 16's.)

In the rack mounted configuration these chassis require only 5¼" of vertical rack space to hold all of the basic components of a SUN-compatible system. The VSS-11/Model 30 houses up to 5 9U x 400mm card slots, one or two 5¼" full height drives, up to 700W of system power plus cooling, control panel and internal power distribution in only 31" of rack depth. The VCS-11/Model 20 provides the same capability, except for the drive bays, in only 25½" of rack depth.

VSS-11/Model 30 in rack VCS-11/Model 20 in tower
VSS-11/Model 30, rack mounted
with optional CSN-x slides
VCS-11/Model 20, in optional


CARD CAGE5 slots, 9U x 400mm, rear access, SUN-style
BACKPLANE5 slots VME with SUNbus extentions; J1/J2/J3
MASS STORAGEVSS-11 has mounting and power for two 5¼" full height (or four half height) drives, front access
CONTROL PANELIlluminated power switch on front panel
Optional full-function control panel with RESET and ABORT buttons; SYSFAIL and DC OK indicators, AC FAIL detection circuit
POWER SUPPLYVSS-11: 700W/ +5V @ 100A, +12V @ 12A/20pk, -12V @ 2A, -5.2V @ 10A
VCS-11: 500W/ +5V @ 80A, +12V @ 10A/16pk, -12V @ 2A, -5.2V @ 10A
COOLINGFour 75cfm fans, side to side
MOUNTINGRack mount, 19" RETMA with optional non-extention slides, CSN-x
Tower mount with optional TOWER KIT
Table top for that "lab" look

Flexible Cable Management    The VSS-11/Model 30 makes the assembly of integrated systems easy by providing cable slots between the card cage and the outer chassis. Mass storage device cables that originate on the faceplates of the circuit modules can be routed to the drives inside of the chassis through these slots. When the disk or tape interface is present on the J2 or J3 connector, the cabling to internal devices can be made with a short length of ribbon cable from the backplane across the power supply to the drives. The cable access slot also allows cables for external devices that originate on the backplane to be routed to the outside of the chassis.

VSS-11/Model 30, interior VCS-11/Model 20, interior
VSS-11/Model 30, interior
Note space for mass storage
VCS-11/Model 20, interior


VSS-11/Model 30VCS-11/Model 20
Integrated SystemCard Cage Only
    Rack 5¼"H x 31"D x 19"W5¼"H x 25½"D x 19"W
    Tower 23¼"H x 32¾"D x 5½"W23¼"H x 27"D x 5½"W
    Pedestal 10"W x 20"D
    Empty 53½ pounds
    Tower 76 pounds

VCS-11/Model 20 in Tower Kit VCS-11/Model 20, rear view
VCS-11/Model 20 with Tower
panels partially removed
VCS-11/Model 20, rear view



VSS-11/Model 30 Integrated System Chassis, table top mounting, 700W power supply
VCS-11/Model 20 Card Cage Only Chassis, table top mounting, 500W power supply


VSS-11/TOWER KIT Tower Mounting Kit for VSS-11
VSV-11/TOWER KIT Tower Mounting Kit for VCS-11
CSN-x Non-extention rack slides for VSS-11 and VCS-11, "x" depends on rack depth


VR-21-CP Upgrade to full-function control panel
PS-UPG-500/700 Upgrade from 500W power supply to 700W, for VCS-11


DP-5H-A Dummy panel, 5¼" half height, for filling unused openings in VSS-11/Model 30 drive mounting panel
VME-CP-9U4HP Filler panel for card cage, 9U (15¾") x 4HP (0.8")

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