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  • Up to 21 VME slots, 6u x 160mm
  • Rack mount or table-top, open or fully enclosed
  • Power supply capacities to 750 watts
  • Optional mass storage mounting above card cage
  • Optional full function control panel
  • Three fans for card cage cooling, one for power supply

VR-21 in Desk Top Enclosure
VR-21 in desk top enclosure

VR-21 front view
VR-21 front view

VR-21 rear view
VR-21 rear view


The VR-21 is a basic 21-slot VME system chassis. It consists of a 6U x 160mm 21-slot card cage with a VME J1 backplane, a Zoltech pow-AIR-pak power supply/fan module and a complete DC power and control cable assembly between the backplane and the pow-AIR-pak. Options include a J2 backplane, full VME control panel, desk-top enclosure, mass storage mounting panel and retaining bars for laboratory table-top use.

The basic VR-21 is designed to be mounted in a standard 19" wide rack. It can also be mounted in a Zoltech VCQE-D/D desk top enclosure for a covered look or, with Zoltech RB-x retaining bars, left fully open on a lab bench.

The pow-AIR-pak is a fully enclosed chassis that contains the power supply, fans and control panel for a card cage based system, such as the VR-21. All AC wiring is contained within the pow-AIR-pak chassis for safety.



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