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Zoltech offers a wide variety of VME and SUN system chassis

All of these chassis are based on a unique modular design that permits literally thousands of configurations to be built from a few standard components. Simply select the type of module you require (VME or SUN), the number of slots (3-21) and the number of mass storage bays (0-4). These parameters will define the basic chassis; from there you may pick the power supply capacity, control panel, I/O panel and many other options in order to define the specific chassis configuration you need.

VME Chassis

The VME chassis are designed to hold 6U x 160mm VME modules. 3U x 160 modules can also be mounted on special order. There are two general classes of VME chassis: The VV-11 Family has horizontally-oriented card cages, side-to-side cooling and can hold from 3 to 12 modules. The VEV and VR-11 chassis have vertically oriented card cages, bottom-to-top/ front-to-rear cooling and can hold up to 21 modules.
  • VV-11 FAMILY Six chassis sizes, 3-12 slots and mass storage, enclosed
  • VEV & VR Three chassis sizes, up to 21 slots, vertical slots

SUN Chassis

The SUN chassis are designed to hold 9U x 400mm SUN modules. The card cages are horizontal and cooling is side-to-side. Standard models hold up to 5 modules. Semi-custom units will hold up to 12 modules.
  • VS-11 FAMILY Two chassis sizes, 5 slots with and without mass storage, enclosed


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