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Control Panels

Control Panels Zoltech offers a variety of control panels for the VV-11 chassis:

  • NFB No-Function Blank
  • SPP-Vx Power Switch Only
  • SCP-Vx Full-Function
The full-function SCP-Vx panels provide all of the controls, status indicators and functions required by VME systems.

There are two orientation styles of control panels: the -1 style is for chassis that are conventionally oriented (the 19" width is horizontal). The -2 style is for chassis that are placed in "Tower" enlosures (the 19" width is vertical

The No-Function Blank (NFB) has no specific orientation. It is simply a blank cover panel for the control panel opening that is present in most VV-11 front panels. Since front panels without control panel openings are available, the NFB panel is rarely required.

The Power Switch Only (SPP-x) panels provide a rocker switch intended to control the AC power in a chassis. There are two power switch options available: the normal power switch has DPDT contacts rated at 6A @ 250V and is not illuminated. The -xA switch has contacts rated at 16A @ 250V (80A inrush) and includes a neon lamp current limited for 110VAC for illumination. When used with the AC PDA, the SPP-x switches control both sides of the AC input. The switch is marked with the universal I and O.

SCP-Vx Full-Function Control Panel Features

  • Power Switch (illumination optional)
  • RESET Button (debounced)
  • ABORT Button (debounced)
  • DC Power Indicator (+5V)
  • SYSFAIL Indicator
  • Line Frequency Signal (50/60Hz)
  • AC Fail Signal
The Full-Function Control Panel (SCP-Vx) includes a power switch, two push buttons and two indicators plus an AC power failure detector. Using the standard nomenclature plate, one of the buttons is labelled RESET and the other is labelled ABORT. A green LED indicator is labelled DC PWR and a red LED indicator is labelled SYSFAIL. The functions of the control panel are configured with a group of jumpers. The outputs from the buttons are debounced. They can be configured to produce either a logic level or a 300ms pulse, active high or low, when pressed. The inputs to the indicators can also be configured active high or low. The AC failure detection circuit works in conjunction with the line frequency pulse generator on the AC PDA. If there is no pulse for more than 25ms, an AC fail signal is generated. A line frequency signal is also continuously generated. The control panel also generates a Power-On-Reset signal on the desiganted RESET output. All outputs are open-collector TTL (7406). All inputs are LS-TTL (except the line frequency input, which has a 100K pull-up). Other than the power switch, the control panel requires +5VDC to operate.

Detailed specifications are available on request.


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