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Modular I/O Panels

VJV-11 w/Deluxe Rear I/O Panel The I/O distribution panel on the rear of the VV-11 chassis provides a clean interface between internal and external devices while maintaining EMI shielding and cooling integrity. The VV-11 I/O panel gives you a single, uniform connection point for all external cables, whether they originate on a VME module faceplate, a J2 connector or even in the middle of a VME card. The I/O panel maximizes flexibility: The interchangable inserts allow the connector openings in the panel to be exactly matched to your requirements. Depending on the internal chassis access required, the I/O panels may be hinged or fixed. "Deluxe" panels are covered with standard openings while "Basic" panels have fewer openings to reduce cost. See the V-SERIES MODULAR I/O PANELS data sheet for more details.

A complete I/O distribution panel consists of three main components: a "Panel Holder" (which may be hinged or a permanent part of the chassis), a collection of "I/O Panel Inserts" and a set of cable assemblies. The Panel Holder has several openings of various standard sizes. The I/O Panel Inserts are fastened into the Panel Holder openings with screws. The Inserts may be blank (no connector cutouts) or they may have one or more cutouts for mounting connectors. A Cable Assembly includes the connector that is mounted in the I/O Panel Insert and the cable that runs the appropriate component inside the VV-11 chassis.

There are three different standard openings in VV-11 Panel Holders. These are designated B, C and D-size. Any D-size opening can be converted into two openings of a fourth standard size, A-size, by installing a special Insert (IOP-D4). In a similar fashion, a D-size opening can be converted into three B-size openings with an IOP-D2 Insert.

VV-11 Rear I/O Panel and Inserts The figure at the right shows examples of I/O Panel Inserts and a Deluxe Panel Holders. A complete description of the currently available Panel Holders is found in the V-SERIES REAR PANELS data sheet.

I/O Panel Inserts are available for D-style, flat ribbon, micro-ribbon, coax and other popular connectors. See the V-SERIES I/O CONNECTOR PANEL INSERTS data sheet for a complete list of the current selection. If you need a panel that is not on the current list, Zoltech can fabricate it for you or you can make it yourself from one of the blank panels.

The base price of a VV-11 chassis includes the minimum number of I/O Panel Inserts that are required to fill the Panel Holder. If you require additional inserts, they are available separately. To maintain the shield integrity of the VV-11 chassis, all Panel Holder openings must be filled with inserts. Blank inserts are used to fill any unused openings.


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