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VLV-11/Model 30 System Photo A VV-11 family chassis can be configured with no internal mass storage or with any combination of drives that will physically fit into the enclosure. This unique capability is possible because of the modular design of the VV-11 series. An interchangeable front panel provides the openings for any collection of drives. A complete set of mounting brackets support full height and half height 5¼" drives. 3½" drives are supported in the 5¼" drive bays with adapter brackets. Eight inch drives can also be mounted for legacy applications. For applications that require only 3½" drives, the Zoltech VMEDA Drive Adapter allows one or two 3½" drives to be mounted directly in the card cage. Two or three slots are required, depending on the height of the drives. See the VMEDA data sheet for details. A universal power distribution system provides all needed voltages and just the right power cables for all standard drives.

For those applications that do not require front panel access for the drives, totally internal mounting is available on special order.

The common front panel styles are shown below; for a complete list of all the different patterns and sizes currently available, see the V-series Front Panels data sheet. If you need a pattern that is not standard, Zoltech can provide a custom panel or a blank panel for you to customize.

    Front Panel, Blank CLASS 101 Blank

    Front Panel, Control Panel Only CLASS 100 Control Panel Only

    Front Panel, Interior Access w/Cover Plate CLASS 800 Interior Access w/Cover Plate

    Front Panel, Drive Openings CLASS 200-600 Drive Openings

    Front Panel, Combinations CLASS 700 Combinations

    Front Panel, Custom CLASS 900 Custom

Blank filler panels (P/N DP-xH-A) are available when the installed drives do not use all of the available openings.


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