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The VV-11 family supports card cages with up to 5 slots in the 5¼" high chassis (VKV, VCV, VSV), 7 slots in the 7" high chassis (VJV) and 12 slots in the 10½" high chassis (VHV, VLV). Standard cages are 6U or 3U x 160mm (220mm and other card lengths can usually be accommodated on special order). Most configurations allow either front or rear access to the card cage. The VME J1 backplane is included in all configurations that provide the card cage. The J2 32-bit extention backplane is optional. Monolithic J1/J2 backplanes and uncommitted backplanes are also available.

Rear Access Card Cages Photo

Rear Access Card Cages

Front Access Card Cages Photo

Front Access Card Cages

In an integrated system with a front access card cage you trade off card cage slots with drive bay space. For example, in the VJV-11 chassis shown below, the Model 28 has 7 card cage slots and no drive bays. The Model 38/5 has a 5-slot cage and two half-height 5¼" drive bays. The Model 38/3 has a 3-slot cage and two full-height 5¼" bays. Similar configurations are available in other chassis sizes.

VJV-11/Model 28 Photo

VJV-11/Model 28
7-Slot card cage
No drive bays

VJV-11/Model 38/5 Photo

VJV-11/Model 38/5
5-Slot card cage
2 half-height drive bays

VJV-11/Model 38/3 Photo

VJV-11/Model 38/3
3-Slot card cage
2 full-height drive bays


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