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The Input/Output distribution panel on the rear of the VEV-21 chassis provides a clean interface between internal and external devices while maintaining EMI shielding and cooling integrity. The rear I/O panel gives the user a single, modular connection point for all external cables whether they originate on a VME module faceplate, a J2 connector or in the middle of a VME module.

VEV-21 Modular Rear I/O Panel The VEV-21 chassis offers the user a choice of two standard rear I/O panel configurations and the option of a completely custom design. The VEV-21 is normally supplied with a Zoltech modular I/O panel holder with twelve openings of various sizes which mount inserts with cutouts for a multitude of standard connectors. The price of the chassis includes the customer's choice of 12 I/O connector panel inserts from Zoltech's standard collection (2 C-size, 4 D-size and 6 B-size). Some examples of standard I/O inserts are shown in the photo. A complete list can be found in the V-Series I/O Connector Panel Inserts data sheet. New I/O insert panels are being added to the standard collection continuously. If you need an insert design that is not in the standard collection, it can be added for a small documentation fee. For more details on the Zoltech modular I/O panel concept, see the V-Series Modular I/O Panels data sheet.

VEV-21 VME Rear I/O Panel The alternate standard rear I/O panel provides a pair of VME mounting rails on 6U spacing. These rails face the rear of the chassis and are recessed two inches from the rear surface. Many VME module vendors provide signal distribution assemblies that are intended to mount on VME rails. Filler panels and panels with custom cutouts can be provided by Zoltech at extra cost. In order to maintain cooling and EMI shield integrity, all I/O panel openings must be filled.

VEV-21 Custom Rear I/O Panel If neither of the standard I/O panel options are satisfactory, a completely custom panel can be designed and fabricated. An example of such a panel is shown. A custom designed panel can be incorporated into the VEV-21 chassis for a one-time documentation charge. Contact Zoltech for details.


The VEV-21 comes standard with a Power-Switch-Only front control panel. The power switch is illuminated when the AC power is on.

A "Full-Function" control panel upgrade (VEV-21-CP) is an extra cost option. In addition to the power switch, this control panel includes RESET and ABORT buttons, DC POWER and SYSFAIL indicators and SYSRESET, ABORT, ACFAIL and Line Frequency signals. The full-function control panel will detect AC power failures and generate a Power-On SYSRESET. The SYSRESET and ABORT signals are debounced and programmable by jumpers to generate either a logic level or 300ms pulse, active high or low, when the signal is asserted. All of the photos in this document depict the full-function control panel. See the VX-11 document for more control panel information.


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