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A 21-slot 6U x 160mm card cage with a VME J1 backplane is standard. Options include a 21-slot J1/J2 monolithic backplane (shown on page vev211). Backplanes smaller than 21 slots and multiple section backplanes are also offered. Any combination of backplanes that will physically fit can be provided.

The card cage is recessed two inches behind the front surface of the chassis. The recess protects connectors that are plugged into the faceplates of the VME modules from inadvertant contact. The recess is also part of the internal cable management system that allows easy routing of cables between the faceplates and the interior of the chassis.


The VEV-21/Model 38 provides mounting and DC power for up to two full-height or four half-height 5¼" or 3½" mass storage devices. These drives are attached to the upper front panel (above the card cage) and do not require the sacrifice of any card cage slots. DC power cables are provided for up to four standard drives on request. Additional or special cables are optional. When the system does not require all of the available spaces for drives, an optional half-height dummy panel (DP-5H-A) must be used to cover each unused opening.

For those systems that do not require any mass storage, the VEV-11/Model 28 provides a blank panel for the space above the card cage. The upper front panel can also be customized with special openings and mounting brackets, if required.

Model 38 Upper Front Panel Model 28 Upper Front Panel Custom Upper Front Panel
Model 38 Panel Model 28 Panel Custom Panel Example


The VEV-21 provides superior cooling for all system components when compared with competitors' chassis. Other 21-slot VME chassis provide only 3½" (or less) of intake and exhaust space above and below the card cage. Zoltech's VEV-21 has a full 5¼" of plenum space to assure unrestricted airflow and heat transfer. Even with mass storage devices mounted above the card cage, sufficient air space is designed into the chassis.

Side view of chassis, showing air paths Cooling air is drawn into the chassis through a filter in the front panel below the card cage. Filtered, clean air enters the intake plenum under the card cage. From this area, three 100cfm fans direct the majority of the air flow up, through the VME modules. This air stream passes out of the top of the card cage and into the mass storage mounting area. Air then travels to the upper rear panel of the chassis and out the upper exhaust vent. A separate stream of air is blown from the intake plenum into the power supply compartment by a dedicated 100cfm fan. This air steam cools the DC power supply exclusively and exits the chassis through the lower rear panel exhaust vent. Air warmed by the power supply never touches the more sensitive VME modules or mass storage devices.

Clean, clear positive pressure air assures that dirty air cannot enter the chassis through openings in the mass storage devices or gaps between the faceplates in the card cage. The VEV-21 provides outstanding long term system reliability by minimizing dust accumulation on internal surfaces and by proper cooling of the sensitive components.

For systems using less than 500 watts of power, you may request lower velocity fans to minimize acoustic noise. Fans as low as 57cfm, which reduce fan noise to virtually inaudible, are available at no extra charge. This option is not recommended when a power supply above 500 watts is used.


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