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The VEV-15 provides an unobstructed path from the backplane to the rear I/O panel. This space can be accessed either by removing the I/O panel (access from the rear of the chassis), or, with the I/O panel in place, by removing the bottom panel (access from the bottom of the chassis). With somewhat more effort, the power supply/fan tray can be removed, allowing access from the top of the chassis.

VEV-15 Cutaway side view showing cable routing Cables can be run from the faceplates of the VME modules to the interior of the chassis in two ways. The standard path is through slots in the upper surface of the lower front panel into the intake plenum under the card cage and thence through slots in another panel into the I/O area. While this path is the most direct, cables run through the intake plenum will interfere with maintenance access to the air filter. Removal of the air filter with this cable routing would require disconnection of all of the cables and removal of the lower front panel. Removal of the lower front panel is easy since it is held in place with two captive thumb screws. The use of open ended slots rather than holes in the lower front panel for cable access means that the cables are not held captive to the panel.

An optional cable trough is available that occupies the nominal slot one of the card cage. Cables can be run between the front and interior of the chassis through this sealed path with minimal effect on the air flow through the card cage. Use of this path also does not block access to the air filter. Cables running along the bottom of the faceplates can simply be lifted out of the way to access the filter.


The standard VEV-15 power supply is the PS500-A: The DC outputs are cabled as required to the backplane and to a distribution terminal strip for mass storage drives.

Optionally, a larger power supply is available, the PS700-A:

The power supply is mounted in the top exhaust plenum. It can be accessed for maintenance by removing the top cover of the chassis.

Input power is typically 110/220 VAC 50/60Hz. Other voltages and frequencies can be accommodated on special order. The AC input voltage is nromally selected by changing a jumper inside the chassis. Autoranging power supplies are optionally available.


The sides, top, bottom and rear of the VEV-15 are made of steel plated with clear Zinc. The front panels are painted with a medium texture black enamel to resist wear and fingerprints. Other surface finishes are available at extra cost on request.



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