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Standard Bottom Panels

Standard Bottom Panel, VJ-11 Chassis The bottom panels of standard Zoltech chassis are pre-punched to mount a variety of standard components in a variety of positions. The components include power supplies, card cages, disk drives, power distribution assemblies and control panel brackets. In addition, four threaded holes are provided in the corners for mounting feet.

Adding Holes

Modified Bottom Panel, VC-11 Chassis The main chassis is made from 16 gauge (0.06" thick) Zinc plated cold rolled steel. If the pre-punched holes do not meet your needs, it is easy to drill additional holes. If you wish, Zoltech will drill the holes for you. If the number of holes and the number of chassis is small, this is the most economical approach, in terms of both time and money.

In this example, holes have been added to mount two power supplies and a customer-supplied printed circuit board.

Custom Hole Pattern

Custom Bottom Panel, VH-11 Chassis When the number of additional holes or the number of chassis required is sufficient, then a completely custom bottom hole pattern in an otherwise standard main chassis is the most cost effective.

In this example, a standard VH-11 chassis was the starting point. The only standard holes in the bottom that were retained were those for attaching the rear panel and those for the feet. All other standard holes were removed and replaced with only those holes required for mounting the customer's components.

Using the standard chassis as a starting point saved considerable time and expense while still meeting all of the customer's functional requirements.

The point at which it becomes more appropriate to build a chassis with a custom hole pattern versus modifying a standard chassis, must be evaluated for each specific situation. Zoltech will be happy to discuss your specific needs to determine the optimal course of action.

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