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When a standard rear panel with a combination of standard and custom I/O Panel Inserts won't do the job, then it is time to consider a Custom Rear Panel. A Custom Rear Panel for a standard Zoltech chassis starts with a standard blank panel to which we add the openings and nomenclature required by the specific application. Any collection of openings and labels can be provided.

While all of the examples shown have our standard clear Zinc plating and use black epoxy ink for the silkscreened labels, any surface finish and nomenclature color can be provided. A few examples of Custom Rear Panels are shown here:

5 in. high custom rear panel with two rectangular openings This relatively simple rear panel is 5" high. Starting with a standard "power input only" (line filter and fuse holder openings) rear panel, we added only openings for two 50-line micro-ribbon connectors. No labels were required.

Custom Rear Panel with 15 DB25 openings This 5" high rear panel has openings for 16 DB25 connectors. Per customer requirements, only 12 of the openings are labelled.

7 in. high custom rear panel with a variety of openings Here is a 7"H Custom Rear Panel. It has a variety of openings including 9, 15 and 25-pin D-connectors, D-holes for BNC and SMA connectors and one opening for a flanged cylindrical connector (in addition to the standard line filter and fuse holder for AC power input). All of the I/O connector openings are labelled. Notice the line work to group connectors functionally.

Another 7 in. high Custom Rear Panel Here is another 7" H Custom Rear Panel with a variety of openings. This panel has a complex signal distribution PCB mounted on the inside. The panel can be seen fully assembled, inside and out, in the description of the Full-Custom Chassis: "Airborne Test Equiment". On this panel, all of the connectors, including the AC input connectors, are labelled.

10.5 in. high Custom Rear Panel with modular I/O opening This 10.5" H panel has many DB25 connector openings as well as a DA15, openings for a fiber-optic repeater and a D-Size I/O Panel Insert opening. This example shows that our Modular I/O Panel Inserts can be combined with custom openings for even more flexibility. Most, but not all, of the fixed connector openings are labelled.

Another 10.5 in. high Custom Rear Panel Another example of a 10.5" H custom rear panel. This one has D-type and cylindrical connector openings. All of the I/O connector openings are labelled.

Zoltech can design and fabricate Custom Rear Panels to meet any requirement.


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