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In addition to blank rear panels, that you or we may customize by adding openings and labels (See CUSTOM REAR PANELS next page), Zoltech offers it's unique Modular I/O Panel concept: Standard rear I/O panels with pre-punched openings that take standard sized I/O Panel Inserts that contain cutouts for common connectors. Shown below are 5" High Basic, Deluxe Fixed and Deluxe Hinged standard rear panels. Different height rear panels have different combinations of the standard openings.

Standard Rear Panels with Modular I/O openings

Standard I/O Panel Inserts

Modular I/O Panels Zoltech offers, as standard off-the-shelf parts, dozens of different I/O Panel Inserts that fit the pre-punched openings in the Modular I/O Rear Panels. These inserts have openings for a wide variety of common connectors. See the V-Series I/O Connector Panel Inserts data sheet for the current selection.

Custom I/O Panel Inserts

When you need a connector or hole pattern that is not on the list, then custom inserts can be designed and fabricated at a fraction of the cost of a custom rear panel. Here are some examples of custom I/O Panel Inserts we have created for our customers

IOP-A I/O Panel Examples These A-Size I/O Panel Inserts are 2.25"W x 3.25"H. Openings include DA-15, .386"D Double-D, DD-50 and 1.125"D Cylindrical.

IOP-B I/O Panel Examples These B-Size Inserts are 3.45"W x 0.95"H. Openings include 0.51"D D-holes for BNC connectors, 0.25"D D-Holes for SMA connectors, RJ45, and .375"D D-Holes for BNC connectors.

IOP-C I/O Panel Examples The C-Size Inserts are 1.00"W x 3.25"H. Openings shown here include .375"D holes for potentiometers, a 0.5"D D-hole for a fuse holder and a rectangular hole for an AC line filter.

IOP-D I/O Panel Examples The D-Size Insert is the largest, at 5.00"W x 3.25"H. The openings in these Inserts include 1.27"D cylindrical, 50-line micro-ribbon, 1.25'D cylindrical, and 0.505"D D-Hole for Twinax.

More IOP-D I/O Panel Examples These D-Size Inserts have openings for ITT DL2-96 ZIF connectors, a 1.015"D D-hole and a 1.39"D D-hole, a simple .75"W x 1.2"H slot, 0.382"D D-holes and a GPIB connector.

IOP-D8 2-piece I/O Panel Insert This D-Size insert shows an example of a 2-piece panel. The actual insert has a rectangular opening for a high-speed transceiver module. The second part is a shelf to support the module inside the chassis.

I/O Panel insert with integrated cable assembly Zoltech can also provide complete cable assemblies with the I/O Panel Inserts. See Custom Cable Assembles for more information.

Zoltech can design and fabricate I/O Panel Inserts to meet your requirements, quickly and economically.


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