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The Zoltech product line includes dozens of standard front panels, ranging from blank to those with openings for card cages, disk drives and control panels. Still, you may have requirements that are not filled by the standard panels. A Custom front panel retains the outer shape and mounting holes of a standard front panel, but has additional or different openings for customer-specified purposes. It is often the case, that such panels also have special colors or nomenclature as well.

Here are a few examples of fully custom front panels that we have provided to our customers.

Custom Front Panel with 2 additional holes This front panel is a very simple modification of a standard one. The only changes are the addition of two indicator holes and a white silkscreened legend identifiying the functions of the two indicators.

Custom Front Panel with 9U opening This panel has a standard 7" high foot print, but a 9U wide opening for a front access card cage. In addition, since the large card cage opening precludes the use of our standard control panel, openings are provided for descrete power and reset switches.

Custom Front Panel with test fixture opening This panel is based on our standard 5.25" high design. It has a rectangular opening for the customer's test fixture connectors. The customer's logo and identification of the device are silkscreened in gold metallic ink. Since this device was to be used on a bench-top only, the rack-mounting slots have been deleted from the panel.

Custom Panel Cover This is not a full panel per se, but rather a custom version of a front panel cover, intended to seal the opening in a standard front panel that allows access to a card cage or other internal components. In this case, the cover has been modified by adding holes for a vacuum flourescent display module and various connectors. The panel is still attached to the chassis with quarter-turn fasteners so that it may be easily removed when access to the interior is required.

Custom Front Panel for Display This panel is shown in rear (from the inside) view. It is based on a standard 7" high panel. It has an opening and mounting studs for a plasma display module.

Elaborate Custom Front Panel This front panel combines several custom elements. While based on a standard 7" high panel, it has openings for many test connectors, indicators and controls as well as a non-standard large opening for a front access card cage (and a clear plastic cover for that opening. The opening size was non-standard to allow all of the indicators and connectors to fit. The panel color and labelling are also to customer spec.

Zoltech can design and fabricate front panels to provide any required openings, colors and labelling to meet your functional and aesthetic requirements.


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