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Internal Options

VX-11 Internal Options are components and accessories that facilitate the assembly and use of the chassis as system building blocks. Unless otherwise instructed, each option will be installed in the chassis it is ordered with at no extra charge. Such installation includes both mechanical and electrical installation as appropriate.

Power Distribution

The following assemblies have been developed by Zoltech for efficient distribution of AC and DC power within VX-11 chassis. Additional technical details are available on request.

AC Input Assembly AC Input Assembly

The AC Input Assembly mounts in the rear panel. It consists of an AC Line Cord, an IEC 320-style input connector with integral line filter, a "shock-safe" fuse holder and a fuse. AC Input Assemblies rated for 6A and 10A are standard. Higher currents are available on special order. Unless otherwise specified, a US line cord will be supplied; other line cords are available on request.

AC Power Distribution Assembly AC Power Distribution Assembly AC PDA

The AC Power Distribution Assembly (AC PDA) distributes AC power within the VX-11 chassis. It connects to the AC Input Assembly, AC Power Switch, AC Fans and Power Supply. Physically it is a 2" x 3.15" PCB that mounts on the side panel of a VX-11, near the AC Input opening. The AC PDA includes an optically-isolated line frequency pulse generator that is used for detecting AC power failures and generating line frequency interrupts. The AC Input can be switched between 110VAC and 220VAC by simply changing the fuse and reversing a connector on the AC PDA.

The standard AC PDA can deliver up to 6A to each of two power supplies and a maximum of 12A to all AC loads including the fans. A High Current version of the AC PDA is available that includes a separate terminal strip for an AC power supply load in excess of 6A (typically used with power supplies rated at 500W or more). The High Current AC PDA does not support 110/220 switching of the high current power supply. Such switching is done at the power supply itself.

The Front Panel AC Power Switch is included in the control panels. See the Control Panel descriptions on the next page.

DC Power Distribution Assembly DC Power Distribution Assembly DC PDA

The DC Power Distribution Assembly (DC PDA) is used to distribute DC power within a VX-11 chassis. It can be useful when there are several DC loads within the chassis. It was designed to receieve power from one or two power supplies and deliver it to a high-current card cage and several low current loads such as disk drives. If there is just a single DC load in the chassis, it is normally wired directly to the power supply.

The DC PDA is a 2" x 5.2" PCB that mounts on the bottom or side panel of a VX-11 chassis. It includes two high current DC input connectors, a high current DC output connector, a set of test points and five low current DC output connectors. The DC PDA can distribute a maximum of 60A of +5V from the main power supply to the main load (using 14ga wire and proper cooling) and the secondary load. The low current connector contacts are rated at 5A each. Up to four separate voltages can be distributed to all of the loads. The DC PDA was designed to handle +5V, +12V, -12V and +24V. Other similar voltages may be accomodated.

AC and DC Power Cables to interconnect all of the internal components are available from Zoltech. All of these components will include the appropriate cables when the components at both ends of the cable are ordered. For example, if you order the AC Input Assembly and the AC PDA, the cable between them is included at no extra charge. If a component at only one end of a cable is ordered (such as a DC power supply but not the load), Zoltech can supply a customer-specified cable at a nominal charge.

All primary power components:

  • Line Cord
  • Ac Input Connector
  • Line Filter
  • Fuse Holder
  • AC Switch
  • Power Supply
  • Fans
  • and AC Wiring
are UL recognized, CSA certified, and VDE approved for use in international markets. Systems constructed with VX-11 chassis have received specific UL approvals.


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