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Top Cover

Top Panel, VJ-11 The primary maintenance access to a VX-11 chassis is through its Top Cover panel. (Some of the front and rear panels also provide easy access to the chassis interior.) The Top Cover is attached to the main chassis with screws.

Chassis Slides

For rack mount applications, both sides of each VX-11 main chassis are set up for chassis slides. 8-32 threaded holes are positioned at intervals along each side to allow chassis slides to be easily attached with a minimum of interior interference.

Two types of chassis slide are available from Zoltech. One is the classical compound full-extention slide. The other is an inexpensive non-extention slide. Both are thin enough to allow the roomy 17.12" wide VX-11 chassis to be mounted in standard 19" RETMA racks.

Full-Extention Slides Full-Extention Slides

A standard 19" rack has a horizontal clear opening of 17.75". Subtracting the 17.12" width of the VX-11 chassis leaves 0.63" or 0.315" on each side of the chassis for the moving member of the slide. Common full-extention slides normally require 0.375" on each side of the chassis. However, Zoltech can provide narrow slides with moving members that are only 0.25" wide yet still support over 100 pounds when fully extended.

Non-Extention Slides Non-Extention Slides

The non-extention slides are rack-mounted U-channels that engage chassis-mounted nylon bearings. The low profile of the non-extention slide is less restrictive of air flow than the full-extention slide. Of course the non-extention slide will not support the chassis outside of the rack.


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