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Pre-Punched Side Panels

Right Side Panels The VX-11 chassis are designed to optimize side-to-side forced air cooling. This leaves the front and rear panels free for controls, interior access and I/O. It allows dense stacking of chassis by not assuming that the top and bottom will be clear.

The right side of each chassis is pre-punched for standard 4.7" square fans. The left side of the chassis is pre-punched with air venting. While the air flow can be in either direction, Zoltech usually uses the fans to positively pressurize the chassis. Along with standard filters mounted between the fans and the chassis wall, this minimizes dust and other contaminants within the chassis. In a dust-free environment, safety grilles can be used instead of the filters to protect the users from the fan blades and maximize air flow through the system. A variety of fans, ranging from virtually silent low velocity to maximum air flow high velocity, AC or DC, are available from Zoltech as well as the usual sources. Zoltech can also supply the power cabling for the fans. For additional details on fans and other cooling accessories, see the Cooling section.

Left Side Panels

In low power systems where forced air cooling is not required, cover plates are available to seal the fan openings. Solid or vented plates may be used.


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