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Pre-Punched Rear Panels

As with the front panels, the VX-11 family offers a variety of pre-punched rear panels. Any class except hinged or custom may be selected at no increase in cost over the basic chassis. Not all classes are available for all chassis heights; see the V-series Rear Panels data sheet for a complete list.


    Rear Panel, Blank CLASS 101 Blank

    Rear Panel, Control Panel Only CLASS 100 AC Input Components Only

    Rear Panel, Basic-Fixed Panel CLASS 200 Basic-Fixed Panel

    Rear Panel, Deluxe-Fixed Panel CLASS 300 Deluxe-Fixed Panel

    Rear Panel, Deluxe-Hinged Panel CLASS 400 Deluxe-Hinged Panel

    Rear Panel, Custom CLASS 900 Custom

Modular I/O Panels & Inserts

Modular I/O Panels Most of the VX-11 standard rear panels implement the unique Zoltech Modular I/O Panel concept. They have a collection of standard openings that accept the Zoltech V-series I/O Panel Inserts. These inserts have pre-punched holes for many standard I/O connectors. Zoltech offers a wide variety of standard inserts. See the V-Series I/O Connector Panel Inserts data sheet for the current selection. If you need a connector that is not on the list, custom inserts can be designed and fabricated at a fraction of the cost of a custom rear panel.


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