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Decorative Enclosures

Zoltech offers a number of decorative enclosures and accessories for mounting flexibility as well as aesthetic enhancement of the finished system.

Deco Front Bezels

A Deco Front Bezel is available for each standard chassis. This part, made of cast Aluminum, fastens to the front panel with an industrial strength "velcro"-like material. The Deco Front Bezel adds an elegant, sculpted look to the nominally flat front panel. The standard finish of the Deco Front Bezel is a medium texture light gray enamel.

Deco Front Bezels Deco Front Bezels

In addition to its decorative effect, the Deco Forn Bezel protects components such as switches, indicators or connectors that may extend beyond the front panel from accidential contact. The recess from the front surface of the Deco Bezel to the front surface of the Front Panel is ¾".

Desk-Top Decorative Cover

The basic VX-11 chassis finish is a clear Zinc plating, giving it a brushed silvery appearance, with the front panel painted a medium texture black enamel. This look is functional and appropriate for many applications. For those applications that require a less "technical" look, Decorative Desk-Top Covers and "Tower" enclosures are available.

Desk-Top Decorative Cover Desk-Top Decorative Cover

Desk-Top Decorative Covers for VX-11 chassis consist of three main components: A U-shaped, painted Aluminum cover for the top and sides of the chassis and two mounting brackets. The brackets attach to the bottom of the chassis along the sides. The top cover, in turn, is attached to the brackets with screws. This cover allows free access to the front and rear of the chassis. The cover is vented on both sides for cooling. The standard cover finish is the same medium textured light gray enamel as the Deco Front Bezel.

Tower Enclosures

"Tower"-style Enclosures that permit VX-11 chassis to be oriented vertically in a free-standing configuration are available. Chassis in Tower Enclosures may be placed on the floor or on a table.

Tower Enclosures Tower Enclosures

The Tower Enclosure consists of four main parts: a Pedestal, two Side Panels and a Top Panel. In addition there are two or more Top Panel Mounting Brackets. The Pedestal and Top Panel Mounting Brackets are fastened to the VX-11 chassis with screws. The Side Panels attach to the brackets with pins and the Pedestal with spring clips. The Top Panel attaches to the brackets with spring clips. Thus the Top Panel and Side Panels are installed and removed without tools, facilitating maintenance access to the chassis.

Three Tower Enclosures



Tower Enclosure Panels Are Removed Without Tools For Maintenance



Like all of the other decorative items, The Pedestal and Panels of the Tower Enclosure are painted medium texture light gray baked enamel. All decorative items can be supplied with non-standard colors and finishes on special order.


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