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PCB & Drive Mounting

VX-11 Chassis with individual PCB

Another common method of system implementation is a single Printed Circuit Board or a group of PCB's simply mounted to the bottom of a chassis. Systems based on single-board computers or controllers are examples of this technique. Since there are no universal standards for the hole patterns of such PCB's, the VX-11 chassis support these systems with the existing hole pattern and the ease of adding additional holes to the bottom of the chassis. You can ad these holes yourself or Zoltech will do it for you.

Zoltech also offers spacer kits in a variety of lengths for the effective and secure mounting of PCB's in the chassis. These kits include all spacers, screws and washers required. Typical PCB's are mounted ½" to 1" away from the bottom panel of the chassis.

Mass Storage Mounting

The use of standard 5¼" and 3½" mass storage devices (hard disk drives, floppies, CD-ROM's, DVD, tape drives, etc.) is easy with the VX-11 chassis. All of the chassis provide for front access mounting of a variety of 5¼" drives. 3½" drives are mounted in the 5¼" drive bays with 3½" to 5¼" adapters.

Disk Drive Mounting Hardware Drive Mounting Hardware

A large selection of spacer kits, mounting brackets and internal shelves are available for mounting drives on the bottom panel of the chassis or above it (to allow space for heavier components below).


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