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Card Cages & Backplanes

Many systems are based on modules that plug into card cages. The VX-11 chassis support card cages that are compatible with the Eurocard format. This is the format used in VMEbus, VXI, CompactPCI, MultiBUS II and SUNbus systems as well as a wide variety of proprietary systems. The standard module size supported is 6U x 160mm (about 10½" x 6.3"). Module sizes from 3U x 160mm (5¼" x 6.3") up to 9U x 400mm (15¾" x 15¾") can be supported on special order.

Front Access Card Cage Front Access Cage

Front and rear access card cages are standard. The 10½" high chassis can also support top access Eurocard cages, but additional mounting holes must be added to the bottom panel. The VL-11 chassis can hold up to 21 slots in this configuration.

Rear Access Card Cage Rear Access Cage

The card cages can be supplied without any backplane, with totally uncommitted wire-wrap connectors, with pre-wired DC power or with standard bus structures such as VME or SUNbus.

When a card cage and backplane are purchased with a chassis, appropriate DC and control panel cables to mating components will be included.

Chassis Height Maximum Slots (0.8" spacing)

5¼" 5
7" 7
10½" 12


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