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As described earlier, all of the VX-11 chassis are pre-punched for side-to-side forced air cooling. Standard 4.7" square fans are used. The fans may be AC or DC powered. They may be equipped with dust filters or safety grilles. High velocity or low noise are available. Typical fans are 1" or 1.5" thick.

Fan and Accessories VX-11 Fan And Accessories

When purchased from Zoltech, all required mounting hardware (screws and captive, threaded clips) are included. Power cabling to the AC PDA or DC PDA is also included when those items are purchased. Unterminated fan cabling is available if required.

The dust filters mount inside of the chassis, between the fan and the chassis wall. They are accessible for cleaning from the outside of the chassis, even if chassis slides are installed. Removal of the foam filter does not require tools. It is easily cleaned in water. If the chassis is operated in a clean air environment, the filter may be removed to improve the air flow while finger guard protection is maintained. Alternately, metal safety grilles may be used. For those applications where a fan is not required in a particular position and it is desirable to seal the chassis, a solid cover plate is available. In those applications where access to the interior of the chassis while the fans are running, safety grilles on the inside surface of the fans are recommended.

Some of the standard fans available from Zoltech are listed below:

100 FAN4"-B 115VAC 55dBA 1.5"
77 FAN4"=V75-1.0THK 115 38 1.0
70 FAN4"-LV60 115 41 1.5
57 FAN4"-V57-1.0THK 115 30 1.0

95 FAN4"-12VDC 12VDC 42 1.5
95 FAN4"-24V-1.5THK 24 42 1.5
80 FAN4"-24V-1.0THK 24 36 1.0

Note that the total noise produced by a group of fans is not the sum of the individual noise factors. For example, the total noise of four 30dBA fans is only 42dBA.


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