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Power Supplies Zoltech offers a wide selection of open-frame (U-frame and L-frame) power supplies to fit the pre-punched bottom panels of the VX-11 chassis. These supplies range from 100W to 700W with up to four DC outputs. These supplies have been selected to offer an optimal combination of small size, high efficiency, minimal heat generation, light weight and high reliability. They are shielded and filtered to allow the use of sensitive devices within the chassis. The VX-11 chassis, using these supplies, have been verified to comply with FCC class A EMI limits. All of the supplies listed in the table use switching regulator technology. Linear regulator supplies and other voltage and current combinations of switching supplies are also available.

WATTS PART# +5V +12V -12V +24V

100W PS100-A 12A 5A 1.5A 1.5A
140W PS140-A 20A 5A 3A 3A
175W PS175-A 25A 5/7pk 5A 5A
250W PS250-AS35A 5/8pk 5A 5A
400W PS400-A 55A 10/16pk 4A 2A
500W PS500-A 80A 10/16pk 10A 2A
700W PS700-D 100A 12/20pk 10A -

Not every supply will fit into every location in every chassis. Contact Zoltech to check the fit for your application. Detailed specifications of individual power supplies are available from Zoltech on request.

Each power supply has one or more safety covers available to protect maintenance technicians from exposure to the high voltages present. When a power supply is purchased for installation in a chassis, an appropriate safety cover will be included. AC input and DC output cables will be included as appropriate.

The efficiency of the supplies listed is 75-80%, with the higher efficiency in the higher power units. Input voltages ranges are 90-132VAC and 180-264VAC 47-63Hz with autoranging available. Operating temperature range is 0-50°C at 100% load, 70°C max. at 50% load.


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