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The VX-11 Concept

VX-11 Family Chassis Photo

The VX-11 Family is intended to provide the engineer and system integrator with the fastest and most cost-effective chassis in which to build high performance instruments and systems.

Unlike other general purpose chassis, the panels of the VX-11 Family are pre-punched to allow immediate mounting of the most common components. The chassis include openings for an AC input connector, fuse holder, front panel power switch and fans. The rear panels are available with Zoltech's unique modular I/O system that supports literally thousands of combinations of I/O connector openings. The bottom of the chassis is pre-drilled for common open-frame power supplies, Euro-style card cages and mass storage drives. Front panels are available with openings for drives and easy interior access. Using the VX-11 chassis as a starting point, many systems can be assembled in a matter of minutes with just a screw driver.

Blank and mostly-blank front and rear panels are available for users who want to place their own openings. Alternately, Zoltech can provide fully custom panels quickly and inexpensively.

Basic Chassis Components

Top Cover                Rear Panel
Exploded view of VK-11 Chassis
Front Panel         Main Chassis




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