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This chassis, while based on a standard Zoltech chassis (the VJV-11), is a custom chassis in its final implementation because not a single part of the standard chassis was used in the final chassis. Every part, including the top cover, had to be modified in some way. In this chassis, the front panel, rear panel, and main chassis were designed to meet the customer's requirements. The standard, 17" deep, top cover had to be lengthened to 21" to fit the extended main chassis.
Specialized Controller, Front View
The front panel includes a clear polycarbonate removable panel for access to the 7-slot VME card cage inside. Also on the front panel are AC power and Reset switches, and a number of status indicators and test points.

Specialized Controller, Rear panel & Interior
The rear panel provides the interface for all of the chassis I/O connectors. In this case, many coaxial RF connectors in addition to a cylindrical MS connector, two D-type serial connectors and two RJ-45 Ethernet ports. The AC power connector and main fuse are located on the rear panel as well.

With the top cover removed, you can see the interior of this chassis. The card cage, fans, and power supply are visible.

Specialized Controller, Interior of front panel Specialixed Controller, interior middle
With the front panel unfastened from the chassis and tilted forward, you can see the details of the test point and status indicator wiring. This interior view of the chassis shows the rear of the card cage and the power supply as well as the rear panel. Note the high precision, oven-controlled oscillator located between the backplane and the power supply.

Specialized Controller, Rear Panel, Open
Here the rear panel is unfastened and tilted out from the main chassis. The details of the wiring are shown.

The chassis is made of 16 gauge steel. The front panel is painted and silk-screened. The rest of the chassis is plated with clear zinc. The rear panel is silk-screened with connector identification labels. The dimensions of the chassis are 19"W x 7"H (4U) x 21"D.

Based on the customer requirements, Zoltech designed and fabricated the chassis. We procured many of the internal components (AC power, fans, cardcage, backplane, fans) with the customer supplying the rest. We then assembled, wired and tested the complete chassis.


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