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This chassis is used in an aircraft to acquire and store flight data. It is unusual in that it is designed to be loaded into its' rack from the rear. The two holes in the bottom corners of the front panel engage pins in the rack to secure the chassis. Latches on the rear of the chassis complete the fastening arrangement.
Airborne Data Acquisition Chassis, Front View
The front panel is removable via captive thumb screws. The only controls on the front panel when it is closed are a power switch / circuit breaker / indicator and a reset switch.

Airborne Data Acquisition Chassis, Rear View
The rear panel has a collection of holes for cylindrical and D-hole connectors as well as the latches that fasten the chassis to the rack. The panel has been silk-screened to identify the connectors.

The chassis is made of 16 gauge steel. The front panel is painted black with a medium texture on the outside. The rest of the chassis is clear zinc plated. It is 10"H (6U) x 17"W x 17"D.

Working from the customer requirements, Zoltech designed and fabricated the chassis and we also procured internal components including the AC connector, fuse holder, line filter, power circuit breaker, reset switch, fans and fan grilles. We assembled the chassis and tested the AC power wiring.


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