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This chassis holds a 3-slot (ISA) PC including mass storage. It is used in a multi-processor application where several of the chassis are used together. Six of these chassis will fit side by side in a 19" wide rack.
Very Compact PC, Front 3/4 View

Very Compact PC, Front View Very Compact PC, Rear View

The front panel provides an AC power switch, DC ON indicator LED, primary fuse holder, 3" floppy drive and a removable fan filter. There is also a U-handle that does double duty, protecting the power switch from inadvertant activation and allowing the chassis to be easily extracted from its rack. The rear panel provides access to the connector plates of the three PC cards. The AC input connector and exhaust air vent are also located on this surface.

Very Compact PC, Interior View
The interior view shows the power supply and the custom 3-slot PC backplane that Zoltech provided. A custom backplane was required because of the extreme width limitation: The finished width of the chassis could be no larger than 2.90". We were able to fit everything into a package only 2.85" wide. Since we had to design a new backplane, we included several features that make the entire system much more integrated: This backplane has a power connector that is a 1-to-1 match to the power supply connector (simplifies cable construction). It has a LED for each of the four power voltages (speeds system checkout). It has two connectors for mass storage device power (simplifies power distribution). While this system has only a single floppy drive for mass storage, there is room for an internal 3" hard drive as well.

The chassis is made of 16 gauge steel. It is painted black enamel with a medium texture on the outside. The dimensions of the chassis are 2.85"W x 6.75"H x 24.25"L.

Based on the customer requirements, Zoltech designed and fabricated the chassis and the backplane. We also procured all of the internal components (with the exception of the PC modules), assembled and tested the complete chassis with customer-supplied PC modules and software.


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