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This chassis holds a system that controls satellite communication dishes on a ship. Up to four independent dishes can be controlled. The job of this controller is to keep the dishes pointed at their satellites at all times, regardless of the motion of the ship (pitch, roll, yaw and travel) or the motion of the satellites.
Ship-borne Comm Chassis, Front View
The front panel has external fan filters, for easy access, a main AC power switch, and power status indicators for each of the four dishes under control.

Ship-borne Comm. Chassis, Rear View
The rear panel of the chassis includes the AC input connector, a switched AC output, fuse holders, and the I/O connectors for each of the four independent control channels. The rear panel has been silk-screened to identify the connectors.

Ship-borne Comm. Chassis, Front View Open The front panel is hinged to give access to the plug-in controller cards and their backplanes as well as the AC power switches for each controller channel. The switch for the AC output connector is also accessed here. (Only one backplane and set of controller cards is shown in this photo.)

Ship-borne Comm. Chassis, Rear View Open The rear panel of the chassis is easily removable to allow access to the power supplies and signal conditioning cards. Also, the AC voltage selector switch is accessible ONLY when the rear panel is off.

The chassis is made of .090 Aluminium. The front panel is painted with polyurethane paint. The rest of the chassis is plated iridescent yellow per MIL-C-5541C Class C. The air vents are configured and shielded to limit EMI. The chassis is intended to mount in a standard 19" wide rack. It is 12" high (7U) and 15" deep.

Based on the customer requirements, Zoltech designed and fabricated the chassis, as well as procured and installed the fans, switches, power connectors and internal power wiring.


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