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I/O Distribution Chassis, Front View
This chassis is used to convert Input and Output connections from one form to another. It is positioned between a computer system and a motion-control system. The cables to and from the motion control system are terminated with cylindrical plastic connectors (CPC). Fuse holders and power status indicators are also located on the front of the chassis.

I/O Distribution Chassis, Rear View
The cables to and from the computer are ribbon cables with IDC connectors on .1" centers and D-style connectors. In addition to distributing the wiring between the front and rear panel connectors, the chassis contains two power supplies for the motion control system. Openings on the rear panel are provided for AC input and output as well as a voltage selection switch and primary fuse.

The chassis is made of 16 gauge steel. It is painted black and given a medium texture on the outside. The chassis is intended to mount in a standard 19" wide rack. It is 5" high (3U) and 6" deep.

Based on the customer requirements, Zoltech not only designed and fabricated the chassis that you see here, but we also procured the other components (connectors, wire, power supplies, etc.), assembled and tested the complete package.


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